faaliyet alanları


Glass panes are affixed using special chemicals (structural silicone) on to the cassettes that are formed by the aluminum profiles in the system, where the aluminum vertical and horizontal facade frames and sub-frame is formed. Then the glazed cassettes are connected to aluminum frames using system fixtures. This provides an elegant look for your building as 15 mm wide glass joints and 15 mm deep joint gaps are seen as thin lines on the vertical and horizontal axes when your building is viewed from the outside. As the sealing between glass panels are made with double EPDM strips, it is not required to apply silicone sealant between the panels..

It is possible to transform all glass panels to concealed wings (without seeing the windows that can be opened from the outside when closed) with the addition of a mechanism and handle if required. Double glazing that will be used in the silicone facades are manufactured gradually with special silicone sealant resistant to UV rays. Double glazed panes are fixed to the cassettes manufactured according to the system details in a factory environment with clearance determining tapes (Norton Tapes) and bonding silicone (General Electric, Dow Corning, etc.). The conformity of the bonding silicone and silicone sealant of the double glazed panes are always tested to prevent any possible problems.