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ECS's philosophy of management relies on the fact that all employees share the same vision and mission, share common goals, employees are granted authorization, and held responsible for their work. The company is managed based on the process & data, and self-management of all employees is encouraged. Processes are developed so that employees can take on different roles.

The main goals of ECS Human Resources policies is to maintain the motivation of employees, ensuring efficient work by strengthening the commitment of employees to the company. By providing the ambiance where any view and opinion can be shared using the sources of communication as per the principle of transparency. Providing a comfortable and safe working environment for its employees and making objective assessments.

For this purpose, Competency Pools are created for developing the basic and technical competencies of employees. Employees are included in Competency Pools with regard to their roles; thus flow of information inside the company and training are accelerated. A flexible structure and the fact that employees play an effective role in processes ensure that the decisions regarding the company are taken more quickly, thus ensuring development and efficiency.

ECS is committed to invest on people as a basic principle. ECS’s success is based on qualified and trained manpower. Our company believes that quality service can be given by qualified and happy employees, and it places importance on the development and training of the employees. Success is assessed by production as per the goals of our company. This approach ensures that employee turnover rates are lower than the average rates in the sector. Therefore, this allows ECS to build on its competitive capacity in the project management sector where brainpower is essential.


Please send your detailed CVs including your picture to info@ecsalm.comif you are a high school or university graduate (engineering etc.) who would like to participate in exciting projects by joining the ECS team