kapaklı cephe


The characteristic feature of this system, also called a conventional covered facade system, is that the aluminum profiles can be seen from the outside. These frames, with an appearance of 50 mm in width, have many different geometrical cross sections. This system has many cover alternatives; it is applied by placing the glass on the pre-adjusted aluminum lower frame, it is mechanically connected to the profiles to a suitable housing ensuring proper sealing; final completion of the installation procedure is by placing it to the cover profile housing with the desired cross section. Heat, water and sound insulation of the profiles that are mechanically connected to the glass is provided by EPDM strips in the covered facade

Also, guaranteed sealing is provided by insulation tapes with special aluminum foil used before the pressure profile on the intersections of the vertical and horizontal joint gaps. Opening of the wings are provided with profiles that are called wing adaptor profiles in this system. It is possible to open wings at any desired point on this profiles with panes affixed to the structure with silicone. Wings are generally preferred as reverse transom, but it is possible to customize them to meet detail modifications as per the customer's demands. It is possible to convert the covered facade system to a semi-covered facade system according to the architectural or environmental requirements when desired.