kompozit panel


Composite Panels are aluminum composite plates with a colored face consisting of aluminum plates on both faces and a white polyethylene core in the middle. Saray Aluminum Composite Panels provide unlimited opportunities for architects and designers to build creative and original buildings. Saray Aluminum Composite Panels can be applied easily on both internal and external facades This covering material is popular throughout the world with its lightness, firmness, flexibility, and the fact that it provides flat surfaces and supports other structural elements.

Characteristics of the Composite Panels

  • The colored face of the composite is produced in Solid, Metallic, and special effect colors, and it is rendered suitable for external facade applications with the UV-resistant fluoropolymer furnace glazed (PVDF) upper covering system.
  • Composite Panels are produced with different core thicknesses according to the usage area, wind load and application type.
  • The characteristic feature of the composite panel is that it can be shaped with hand tools in cold condition. Any cutting, shearing, punching, bending operations can be performed with hand tools, panel saws and composite panel cutting machines.

Technical Details

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